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Real-Time Advanced Threat Analysis



ThreatNexus™ unifies the diverse security tools in the organization and provides SOCs with an end-to-end solution for analyzing and responding to security threats. With ThreatNexus, SOC teams can manage the full security cycle from detection through remediation

Complete Visibility to threat landscape

ThreatNexus includes a case management & ticketing dashboard for threats across the organization. Advanced profiling algorithms identify, correlate, and group critical alerts into a prioritized list of cases, contextualizing any relevant information and triggering relevant workflows – all from a centralized view.

Get to the root cause faster

ThreatNexus includes a powerful visual investigation canvas, allowing any analyst to seamlessly use the full power of the graph in order to find the root cause of an incident in a fraction of the time – while also utilizing any other disparate investigation & forensic sources that exist in the organization.

Make Threat Intelligence truly actionable

By bringing together threat intelligence and the actual logs, ThreatNexus makes any threat intelligence data actionable, allowing any analyst to instantly identify, investigate and hunt for malicious actors as they relate to his own environment and logs.

Proactively hunt for threats

Leveraging it’s highly contextualized graph technology, analysts can utilize ThreatNexus to intuitively formulate hypotheses and proactively hunt for threats across their environment, in a fraction of the time.

Accelerate remediation times with automated and semi-automated responses

Utilize ThreatNexus extensive integrations in order to build workflows by intuitively dragging and dropping actions. Develop playbooks of best practices to scale operations and meet compliance requirements. Provide complete automation of incident response.

Measure your performance, improve your processes

ThreatNexus collects key KPI’s and statistics that matter to the organization, allowing for effective reporting and benchmarking that facilitate better communication to stakeholders, internal process improvement and efficient time and skill management.


SOC teams are inundated with huge amounts of security data from dozens of disparate systems. Despite investing heavily in detection tools, organizations remain vulnerable because analysts lack the means and context to effectively investigate threats, with typically less than 1% of alerts investigated.
Today’s solutions fail to connect the dots across the threat landscape forcing analysts to rely on manual efforts to triage threats, driving up the time required to investigate and respond.
There are no shortage of point solutions across the security ecosystem to address slivers of the problem. The result is a growing set of discrete tools that are not effectively communicating that exacerbate the challenges facing management and security analysts.
It’s no secret that the bad guys are often lingering inside the environment for often weeks/months. Many times detected. Yet the lack of context and ability to easily and graphically understand the complete story line of a threat, leads to detected attacks often going overlooked.
There is a growing shortage of cybersecurity analysts. This challenge is particularly acute with rising caseloads. In addition, the sophistication demands on analysts further shrinks the pool of effective analysts.


ThreatNexus Provides the Command and Control to
Power Next Generation Security Operation Centers

Transform static log data and other security
sources into actionable intelligence driving
significant ROI from legacy security investments

Empower security teams to perform lighting fast investigation driving to root cause and remediation in a fraction of the time.

Reduce analyst caseload – consolidate security alerts driving down number of alerts by nearly 90 percent. Drive analyst efficiency — provide a single tool for the SOC analyst to manage the full scope post-detection to remediation eliminating the need to navigate multiple point solutions.

Amplify capabilities & sophistication across all analysts, further helping to drive productivity and helping organizations to address ever growing staffing challenges among SOC teams.

The full scope of the ThreatNexus platform enables response to all types of attacks both autonomously and where human intervention will continue to be required.

Provide unprecedented visibility and context across the entire security ecosystem. Define, gather, and track key performance indicators for all facets of the threat analysis lifecycle.

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Security information and event management is a crucial and widely used security technology, yet many security architects struggle to get value from their often expensive deployments.


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anton chunakin and augusto barros, february 10, 2016


Using the Siemplify solution gives me more confidence that I will be able to find the next cyber attack on my network.

Arieh Shalem

CISO, Partner Telecom


Black Hat and Beyond

As industry experts continue to stress the importance of becoming the next-generation SOC, it seems everyone struggles to grasp how to get there.

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