The Best Security Teams Trust Siemplify

There is no shortage of SOAR solutions
(and SOAR wannabes) on the market,
but time and time again, the world’s
best security teams, including Fortune 500 firms and global MSSPs, select Siemplify as their security platform of choice.

Here is what sets us apart:

SOC Experts

A Complete Security
Platform with
Baked-In SOC Expertise

Siemplify provides much more than just
playbooks and automation. Based on
our years of expertise running and
training dozens of military and civilian
SOCs across the globe, we have built a
complete security operations platform that addresses the broadest set of SecOps needs.

With built-in case management, investigation, crisis management, collaboration, KPI tracking and a rich library of built-in knowledge –
Siemplify is a true workbench for analysts and engineers, and the SOC manager’s secret weapon to driving continuous improvement.


Patented Threat-Centric

Siemplify fundamentally changes the way
security operations teams work. Unlike all other
SOAR solutions that process one alert at
a time, Siemplify employs patented
technology that identifies contextual
relationships in real time and groups
related alerts into threat-centric cases.

This approach reduces caseload by as
much as 80%
and ensures different analysts
are not chasing different alerts that are part
of the same threat. With context at their
fingertips, analysts can prioritize and
complete investigations faster than ever
before, driving dramatic efficiency gains.


and Vendor-Agnostic

By their very nature, SOAR solutions must
play nicely with the
entire security

Our roadmap is driven solely by our
customers’ needs – we are not predisposed
toward any specific technology so you can
select the security tools that are right for
. As an independent vendor that is 100%
focused on SOAR, we innovate quickly, are
highly responsive to our customers’ needs
and do whatever it takes to make every
SOAR project a resounding success.

Don’t take our word for it - here
is what Gartner has to say:

“…independent solutions will continue
to do a better job with their
singular focus
on roadmap execution and better
treatment of being
“vendor neutral” with
available integrations.“

Market Guide for Security Orchestration,
Automation and Response Solutions
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Powerfully Simple

Powerful for Engineers,
Intuitive for Analysts

Unlike most SOAR solutions that were
created primarily with expert engineers in mind, the cloud-native Siemplify platform was designed to
make everyone in the SOC productive.

From our visual investigation to our
code-free playbook builder, you don’t need
to be a python guru or memorize complex
command lines to effectively use Siemplify.
Siemplify allows everyone, from the most
senior engineer to the newest tier-one
analyst, to onboard quickly and
consistently make good, fast decisions.

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