Publish SOC activity providing human oversight and auditing capability

cyber security reports

Built-in reports provide executive level and detailed technical reporting out of the box.  

One Click Report

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Customizable reports at the click of a button for any event or case.  

cyber security automated reports

Automated Reports

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Automate the reporting process to routinely deliver standard and customized reports.


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Cater to the demands of different audiences within the organization with our powerful templating engine.
cyber security report templates

Natural SOC Evolution

There's growing awareness that the SOC needs to become more intelligent, more agile. The SOC of the future is expected to improve and to show it. Together with the understanding that real safety requires investment, executives expect more visibility in security activities. Combining smart reporting tools with automated workflows allows SOC teams to publish meaningful reports across the organization with a click of a button.

MSSP Customer Relationships

For MSSP companies reports are more than a visibility tool. Insightful, beautiful and clear reports sent on time will help build confidence and stability with lifelong customer relationships.

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