Siemplify Security Operations Platform Integrated Threat Intelligence

Implement intelligence-driven security operations

Automate the collection, management and sharing of threat intelligence with ThreatFuse, powered by

Unite threat intelligence and SOAR

Apply real-time intelligence to security operations – expand investigations, automate threat hunting, or deploy threat-driven playbooks in your environment in minutes. Deploy pre-packaged use cases and playbooks in minutes to put threat intelligence to work in your environment.

Automate threat intelligence collection

Collect threat data from hundreds of sources – such as STIX/TAXII, open source, commercial feeds, unstructured intelligence and ISAC/ISAQ shared intelligence – into a single, high fidelity set of threat intelligence.

Accurately curate threat intelligence

ThreatFuse turns threat intelligence into machine-readable form, normalizes data across sources, enriches it with threat actor, campaign, and TTP information, then deduplicates it and removes false positives. Threat intelligence is then scored for confidence and severity.

Automate the threat hunting process

Proactively hunt for indicators throughout the organization without being dependent on an alert from the SIEM.

Share intelligence with your community

Securely collaborate on threat identification to reduce response times to cyber events and speed up preventative measures by using two-way intelligence sharing with Trusted Circles.

Get Started with a Free Community Edition

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