Siemplify Security Operations Platform Investigation

Get to the root cause in seconds

Focus on threats, rather than alerts.

See all the data you need at a glance

Leverage automated insights and tool integrations to surface the most important information related to a case so you can make informed decisions quickly.

Visualize the who/what/
when of an attack

See the contextual relationship – who did what and when – between all involved entities attached to an event, product or source.

Take action with a
single click

Execute remediation actions, such as isolating an endpoint, blocking a hash or resetting user passwords, without leaving Siemplify. Simply click on the relevant entity and invoke the appropriate response.

Capture the full picture

Access the entire history related to any artifact – what entities previously interacted with an artifact, any previous cases containing this artifact, or notes created by other analysts.

Go threat hunting

Leverage integrations with your security tools to design playbooks that turn emerging threat intelligence into automated, comprehensive hunts that find hidden and malicious actors.

Get Started with a Free Community Edition

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