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Threat-centric Investigations

Get to the root cause in seconds instead of hours

Visualize the Who/What/When of an Attack

The powerful Siemplify visual explorer allows you to quickly understand even complex attacks with a detailed visualization of the contextual relationship among all involved entities. From replaying the threat timeline to pivoting and drilling down, all the information you require to piece together the puzzle is only a click away.

Save Precious Time with Automated Insights

To avoid having to sift through endless data, Siemplify playbooks can automatically bubble up the most important information relating to a case. With insights, even the newest of analysts is able to make informed decisions quickly and consistently.

Get the Full Picture with Artifact History

Patented entity-driven analysis from Siemplify allows you to quickly access the entire history related to any artifact. With information at hand, such as what entities have previously interacted with any artifact, previous cases containing this artifact, and any notable notes created by other analysts, investigations are faster and more efficient than ever before.

Take Response with a Single Click

With the Siemplify visual explorer and pre-built integrations, executing the appropriate response has never been easier. Remediation actions such as isolating an endpoint, blocking a hash or resetting user passwords are as simple as clicking on the relevant entity and invoking the appropriate action. No screen switching or expert understanding of the underlying remediation technology is required.

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