Episode 6: Block.One’s Eddie Schwartz

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Episode 6 of SOC Quarantine Diaries catches up with security industry luminary Eddie Schwartz, who is CSO of blockchain technology provider Block.one. Schwartz shares his views on a wide range of security subjects, from the newfound complexity of ensuring trusted connections to the importance of injecting analytics-driven security operations into the development process, plus a whole lot more.

Episode 5: Keven Knight

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It is impossible for the timing of Sy4 Security’s launch to be lost on Keven Knight, COO of the U.K.-based MSSP. Sy4, which spun out of BAE Systems’ commercial managed security business, not only emerged during a global pandemic (which included the construction of a new security operations center), but also had to ensure it never lost sight of new customer risks fueled by the COVID-19 crisis.

In Ep. 5 of SOC Quarantine Diaries, Knight joins us to discuss the benefit for an MSSP to retain a physical SOC presence (7:10), the nefarious opportunities that the rise in remote workers and devices on the network have given cybercriminals (10:05), and how collaboration among personnel of varying security operations disciplines can continue effectively in the era of coronavirus (22:30), plus much more.

Episode 4: Tammy Moskites

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Before COVID-19 arrived, Tammy Moksites was a road warrior, hand-shaker and self-professed big hugger. So while she misses how life was before a worldwide pandemic exploded on the scene, the former corporate CISO for Home Depot, Time Warner Cable and Venafi (and now founder of strategic advisory firm CyAlliance) views this period as an opportunity for cybersecurity professionals, albeit one rife with new risks and challenges.

In the latest episode of SOC Quarantine Diaries, we caught up with Moskites from her Key West, Fla. home and discussed everything from security spending and new security processes necessary to account for a remote workforce to security analyst stress and the benefits of automation.

Episode 3: Nick Percoco

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Episode 3 of SOC Quarantine Diaries catches up with veteran security mind Nick Percoco, whose renowned career has seen him go from pen tester to research lab founder to CISO of two companiesAs the current security chief for popular digital currency exchange Kraken, Percoco is not only confronting the unique challenges of safeguarding a crypto platform – several of which have faced devastating breaches in recent years – but also ensuring their millions of customers are protected. That responsibility is especially pronounced when cybercriminals are trying to take advantage of a weary public amid a worldwide pandemic.

In addition to discussing the risks his company and customers face, Percoco shares some thoughts on practicing cybersecurity in the COVID-19 era. While Kraken was left largely unaffected by stay-at-home orders because its employee base was already largely remote, a pervasive security culture within the company helps prepare it to adapt to new variables as they arise.

Episode 2: Rod Arthur

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Episode 2 of “SOC Quarantine Diaries” welcomes Rod Arthur, a Level III SOC engineer at business process services company Conduent, for insight into someone on the front-lines of threat detection and response as businesses take on new cyber-risks from COVID-19. (Hint: Experience pays off.)

Episode 1: Tracey Webb

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Welcome to the first episode of SOC Quarantine Diaries, a new virtual video series presented by Siemplify that examines life during and after COVID-19 from the perspective of in-the-trenches professionals from the world of cybersecurity operations. The conversations are meant to be intimate and revealing, and we look forward to bringing these podcast-style interviews to you every week for the foreseeable future. If you have a guest suggestion, please email host and Siemplify Content Director Dan Kaplan.Our first guest is Tracey Webb, security operations manager at Global Data Systems, a Louisiana-based managed services provider. Please enjoy!