Address Common Day-to-Day Challenges

Siemplify’s intuitive playbook builder and robust integrations allow you to easily address any security use case. To make things even easier, you’ll find ready-to-run use cases in the Siemplify marketplace - complete with playbooks, simulated alerts and tutorials.

Check out some of the common
use cases you can address with SOAR

Malware Investigation & Response

Quickly understand the behavior of a suspicious file to detect and remediate a potential threat.

  • Automatically contextualize alerts with user, machine and threat intelligence data
  • Automatically detonate malicious files
  • Automatically close false positives
  • Trigger remediation sequences, such as endpointisolation and blacklisting, without console switching
  • Trigger threat hunts for similar malware across the organization

Phishing Investigation & Remediation

Seamlessly trigger an investigation and response to email-based attacks.

  • Enrich and contextualize alerts with user information, header analysis, attachments and threat intelligence data
  • Automatically close false positives
  • Automatically trigger remediation activities such as email quarantine
  • Automate user communication
  • Take proactive measures such as automatically updating block lists and removing similar emails

Automated, Proactive Threat Hunting

Proactively detect and pursue malicious activity across your network.

  • Integrate security tools (EDR/XDR, threat intelligence) with Siemplify to enable targeted hunting
  • Build playbooks to to automate investigations with SIEM/EDR/XDR queries
  • Trigger remediation flows upon discovery
  • Launch threat hunting playbooks on demand when as part of ad-hoc investigations

Cloud Security

Protect data from unauthorized access.

  • Trigger playbooks when potential cloud misconfigurations or suspicious activity is discovered
  • Integrate with cloud-native controls (e.g. AWS GuardDuty) and 3rd party CSPM tools
  • Enrich alerts with important context to speed up investigations
  • Take corrective action such as taking down rogue instances and correcting misconfigurations

Proactive Defense

Leverage threat intelligence to ensure your security controls are always updated to defend against the latest threats.

  • Leverage threat intelligence to retrieve scheduled updates of new, validated IOCs
  • Automatically update security controls such as EDR, firewalls and web gateways to block new IOCs
  • Integrate with ticketing and change management systems to collaborate with relevant stakeholders from IT

Data Leakage Prevention

Take action against insider threats and decrease the risk of data loss.

  • Integrate with common DLP technologies to trigger workflows upon suspicious activity
  • Enrich alerts with context from other tools such as recent browsing history or endpoint activity
  • Trigger remediation activities such as account suspension or privilege revocation
  • Integrate with ticketing systems to involve other departments such as HR or Legal

Automated Brute Force Attack Response

Block systematic attempts to gain unauthorized access to your environment.

  • Enrich alerts with context such as user privileges and geo-location
  • Automate user communication via channels such as email, SMS or Slack
  • Trigger workflow for validated user activity (e.g. password reset)
  • Trigger remediation in case of malicious activity (e.g. suspend account)

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