Siemplify ThreatFuse

Best-in-class SOAR and TIP, fused to work together.

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A Best-of-Breed Threat Intelligence Platform

Automate collection of threat data from hundreds of open-source and commercial feeds and operationalize threat intelligence with confidence. ThreatFuse correlates, deduplicates and assigns severity levels to threat data using machine learning to create a single source of high-fidelity threat intelligence.

Drive intelligence-Driven Security Operations

With robust integration out of the box, ThreatFuse ingrains threat-intelligence across the entire detection and response lifecycle. From enrichment with real-time threat indicators, through threat-hunting and intelligence sharing, security analysts can validate, investigate and respond to threats with unprecedented speed and precision. 

Rapidly Deploy Out-of-the-Box Playbooks and Use Cases

The Siemplify Marketplace allows you to download and deploy threat-driven use cases in your environment in minutes. Reducing the complexity of uniting threat intelligence and SOAR, Siemplify makes deployment simple for your team by providing quick access to pre-configured integrations and playbooks.

Foster Collaboration and Closed-Loop Intelligence Sharing

Ensure false positives in your environment are not used in the future by feeding actual investigation results back to your Threat Intelligence Platform and collaborate with the threat community with two-way intelligence sharing using Trusted Circles.