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Siemplify ThreatNexus Solution Brief

ThreatNexus is a security orchestration and incident response platform designed for the analyst team to perform and automate the full spectrum of day-to-day operations from a single pane of glass. Used globally by leading enterprise security teams, ThreatNexus is the primary tool that analysts rely on to respond to threats across any environment. 

2017 Security Operations Challenges, Priorities and Strategies

New Siemplify research (commissioned in partnership with ESG), reveals the exact nature of 2017 Security Operations challenges and what security leaders plan to do about it! Download this ground-breaking research on the future of Security Operations and Incident Response to help clarify priorities, strategies, and tactics to advance security operations.

ThreatNexus for Splunk

ThreatNexus for Splunk enables security teams to instantly upgrade the full scope of functionality, delivering immediate productivity and security gains. Fuse static log data with other security tools and data to create fully contextualized cases – driving significant ROI from legacy security investments.

ThreatNexus for MSSP’s

The challenges plaguing typical enterprise SOC teams are only compounded with Managed Security Service Providers. The MSSP space is intensely competitive, as a result they are pressured to drive productivity among their analyst teams while supporting a growing customer base with multiple SIEMS and disparate environments. 

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Security Orchestration with Flexible Automation

ThreatNexus for Financial Services

ThreatNexus for Financial Services

Executive Brief: Challenges Facing the Modern SOC

Executive Brief: Challenges Facing the Modern SOC