Security Orchestration & Automation

Security Orchestration introduces order and consistency to your SOC
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Siemplify Security Orchestration is the ultimate way to drive consistency and reduce incident response times. Automation replaces cumbersome manual processes with machine speed response.

Workflows & Automation

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Standardized workflows drive efficiency. Drag-and-drop workflow designer provides the ultimate flexibility to workflow automation, giving security teams the ability to respond to all types of threats - both machine driven and analyst led.


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Operate your SOC with playbooks and automations using Siemplify Integrations.
Easy to integrate, easy to customize and easy to use.


Orchestration is more than just Automation

By integrating automation within a broader security operations platform, security teams are given the flexibility to adapt their process and accelerate response to all types of threats.

Leveraging Automation as one important component within a broader Security Orchestration Solution delivers significant ROI, driving down time to remediation.

Fully automated IR &  Semi Automations

Workflows and automation are easily adapted to different use cases through our intuitive designer, putting the power of automation in the hands of security analysts!

Fully remediate threats within seconds by utilizing existing investments and security infrastructure, or strike the perfect balance between analyst led and machine driven automation.

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