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Security Automation

Security automation is used to address security operations tasks without human intervention. When automation is applied, actions typically taken by a security analyst are instead handled automatically. Many of the day-to-day processes in a SOC are repetitive and can take an unnecessary amount of time when done manually. Security automation is ideal for activities that require a high amount of manual work, require fast response, happen regularly and require a significant degree of user involvement. Automating these items greatly improves the efficiency of security operations and frees up analyst time for more valuable tasks.

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Gathering the data needed to thoroughly investigate an alert can be a mundane, manual effort involving numerous screens and row after row of logs. Siemplify’s platform is powered by proprietary algorithms that put all the information analysts need at their fingertips. By ingesting all your existing data sources and applying automatic correlation, Siemplify instantly groups related events from different systems - under different names - into a single case and storyline for more efficient investigation and analysis.

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Security Playbooks

Where does your team go to learn about processes? Odds are, they consult with whomever has been in the SOC longest. Relying on a game of telephone to manage processes ensures that playbooks remain manual, undocumented and are applied differently by each analyst.

The Siemplify Security Orchestration and Automation Platform’s playbook builder helps your team create consistent, documented security operations workflows supported by flexible security automation to streamline incident response processes, onboard new analysts more quickly and retain departmental knowledge.

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Many routine security operations activities are prime candidates for automation, but an equal number of tasks will remain analyst-led for years to come. There simply is no replacement for the dynamic thinking and intuition a security analyst can bring to combating cyber threats.

That’s why Siemplify enables teams to easily adapt playbooks for different use cases so your SOC can implement its ideal blend of fully automated and analyst-led processes. The platform’s intuitive drag-and-drop playbook designer puts the power of automation in the hands of you and your security analysts.

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Automated Reports

It's frequently said that what gets measured, gets managed. Siemplify makes it easy for security operations teams to track progress, demonstrate performance and continuously improve. Automatically generate and deliver reports for any security event or case, customized for each audience within your organization.

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