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Siemplify SOAR Demo: Respond Faster to DLP Alerts

Immediate response to data loss prevention (DLP) alerts is critical, since they could signal data exfiltration is already underway. If the exfiltration succeeds and your organization loses sensitive data, your company could face any number of harsh consequences, from customer attrition to lawsuits to compliance penalties.

DLP alert processing is a prime candidate for security automation because it requires fast response yet typically entails a considerable degree of manual user involvement.

The Siemplify security orchestration, automation, and response (SOAR) platform helps streamline DLP investigations, enabling SOCs to remediate threats rapidly, resulting in a more secure network.

Join this 30-minute on-demand demonstration to discover how to:

  • Perform quick, effective and sophisticated DLP investigations with ease.
  • Decrease caseload by as much as 80% by working threat-centric cases.
  • Create repeatable, automated response processes with custom dynamic playbooks.
  • Reduce mean time to detection and mean time to response through context-driven investigations.