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A No-Frills Approach to Modernizing Security Operations

Security operations must constantly evolve to keep pace with the ever-changing threat landscape, but building a modern and resilient security operations function is easier said than done, requiring a delicate balance between emerging and often hyped technologies such as AI and XDR with tried-and-tested focus on people and processes.

In this special webinar, Atos CTO for North America Eric Taylor will unravel his company’s journey to building a modern and robust security operations function that secures their U.S.-based customer and services leading brands from around the world. This no-nonsense presentation will examine the challenges to modernizing security operations and offer practical solutions to address them.

This session will cover:

  • How Atos approached the task of modernizing security operations.
  • How Atos leverages technologies such as SOAR, threat intelligence and machine learning to improve operations.
  • What modernization looks like for Atos’ security processes, such as threat hunting

A No-Frills Approach to Modernizing Security Operations

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