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How to Create a Scalable and Repeatable Threat Hunting Program

According to SANS, 82% of all SOCs are investing in advanced Threat Hunting programs, but that is no simple task. Many organizations struggle with incorporating threat hunting into their security operations efforts due to a lack of expertise.

Creating an effective threat hunting program requires a combination of the right tools and the right processes. The combination of flexibility and automation opens up the ability for anyone in the security operations center to perform threat hunting at scale.

Join Siemplify and VMware Carbon Black to see how SOAR and EDR enables security operations teams to prevent the most sophisticated cyber threats in their tracks.

Learn how to:

  • Proactively build playbooks specifically designed to turn emerging threat intelligence into comprehensive hunts that root out hidden and malicious actors
  • Use Siemplify and VMware Carbon Black’s new cutting edge integration to provide the most advanced threat hunting capabilities
  • Reduce mean time to detection and response with complete visibility into your environment
  • Implement best practices to mature your organization’s security posture