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On-Demand Webinar

How to Conquer Your Tabletop Exercises with Automation

Presented by:

Tim Condello

Senior Solutions Engineer

Tabletop exercises have long been considered a staple in incident preparedness, yet, according to recent studies, many organizations are failing to extract optimal results from these test runs. This leads to security teams losing confidence in their ability to handle the inevitable attack or breach.

So where have businesses gone astray? Join our Senior Security Engineer Tim Condello as he offers a fresh, COVID-19-era take on the tabletop exercise status quo by not only delivering a refresher of best practices, but also going beyond the basics to introduce creative methods specific to automation that will support your analysts throughout the process, from identifying what needs to be rehearsed all the way to grading results and instituting “after actions.”

Join Tim to discover:

  • Why running smaller and shorter exercises improves your chances of success and ensures you are staying on top of the latest threats.
  • How leveraging automation technology can streamline the exercises and keep participants feeling collaborative even when working from home.
  • How to identify areas during the exercises where you can additionally layer on automation to support a real-life response.
  • Plus a Q&A!