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EDR and SOAR - See What Better Looks Like

EDR is a proven cornerstone in every detection and response strategy, but some companies are better than others at managing alert overload, leveraging automation, and reducing response times.

See what better looks like! Join Kivu, a leading managed security services provider, to learn how it combined market-leading technologies from SentinelOne and Siemplify to create a cutting-edge, highly automated 24/7 SOC in under two months.

In this on-demand webinar, experts from Kivu, SentinelOne, and Siemplify will demonstrate:

  • How Kivu runs incident response and cybersecurity services and automates alert correlation, case management, threat hunting and more.
  • How SentinelOne produces AI-powered storyline alerts that deliver more context without noise
  • How Siemplify automates use of diverse cybersecurity products to reduce console bloat, simplify investigation and streamline remediation

Leverage Kivu’s strategy to make your own security operations efficient, effective, and resilient. More alerts aren’t the answer. In the new normal, fortify your SOC by leveraging AI, automating processes, and deriving more value from your people and technologies.

On-Demand: EDR and SOAR – See What Better Looks Like