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Check Point & Siemplify Better Together

Siemplify integrates with various Check Point products to streamline every step of detection and response, replacing manual processes with automated workflows that ensure optimized triage, investigation and containment. Check Point users can utilize automation to proactively update firewall policies, block specific IP’s and threats, analyze and detonate malware, and protect cloud environments.

Join this upcoming channel webinar to learn about how to get started fast and see immediate increases in mind-share, wallet-share and profitability with Check Point and Siemplify.

Attendees will learn how to:

  • Slash Investigation Time & Effort: Run playbooks that automate data collection using Check Point telemetry to limit the amount of time spent manually cross-referencing information before making decisions.
  • Automate Response: Integrate Check Point data with your other tools (EDR, SIEM, Threat Intelligence) for remediation actions such as isolating hosts or killing processes, without having to pivot between systems.
  • Unify Case Management: Ingest Check Point alerts directly or via SIEM into the Siemplify Security Operations Platform. Siemplify’s patented technology automatically groups related alerts into threat-centric cases.

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