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CASB + SOAR: Automate Investigation and Response to Cloud Security Alerts

With remote work being the new normal, protecting and keeping track of your sensitive data wherever it goes is a daunting task. Netskope is a market-leading cloud access security broker (CASB) that inspects and controls activities attempting to move sensitive data between your endpoints and cloud services.

As data violations occur, such as restricted data moving to cloud services, alerts are generated for analyst prioritization and triage. The cloud-native Siemplify Security Operations Platform groups these alerts into threat-centric cases and triggers automatic playbook-driven response. By combining insights from Netskope and other tools, the result is reduced manual effort and faster, more effective operations.

Join us for this timely and insightful on-demand webinar which will open your eyes to how you can:

  • Slash investigation time and effort: Run playbooks that automate data collection using Netskope telemetry to limit the amount of time spent manually cross-referencing information before making decisions
  • Automate Response: Integrate Netskope data with your other tools (EDR, SIEM, Threat Intelligence) for remediation actions such as isolating hosts or killing processes, without having to pivot between systems.
  • Unify Case Management: Ingest Netskope alerts directly or via SIEM into the Siemplify Security Operations Platform. See how Siemplify’s patented threat-centric technology automatically groups related alerts into threat-centric cases.