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It’s no surprise that burnout is extremely prevalent within security operations teams. Bearing the responsibility of ensuring the company and its assets are protected at all times is a heavy one. Incoming alerts never end, the threat landscape is constantly changing and you need to resolve cases before intruders can wreak major havoc.

Combined, these ingredients can add up to a toxic recipe for prolonged stress and deep dissatisfaction among SOC personnel. To address the epidemic of burnout in cybersecurity and discuss how to begin your journey to recovery, we have assembled a trio of experts on the topic of burnout and mental health for a free-flowing conversation on this hot-button issue.

During this webinar, you will learn:

  • What makes everyday stress devolve into burnout and how you can identify when it is happening.
  • Why the SOC is among the most susceptible places to burnout within an organization.
  • The ramifications of burnout for the security of your business.
  • How both employees and leaders can enact steps to mitigate the problem.
  • Whether technologies like security orchestration, automation and response (SOAR) can help allay propensity to burnout and institute a sense of calm.

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Burnout – The Dark Side of the SOC and How to Deal

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