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On-Demand Webinar

The Threat Responder’s Guide to Rebuffing Ransomware

Presented by:

Jake Smith

SOAR Team Lead, Siemplify

Ransomware is on the rise. Responding quickly, efficiently and effectively is more important than ever in the age of remote work and an expanded attack surface.

Security teams can do a lot to prevent ransomware, but in many cases, threat actors will break through and in those scenarios, early detection, mitigation and remediation will reduce the impact of the attack.

Join this upcoming webinar with our resident incident response expert, Jake Smith, as he builds on a recently published ransomware response e-book from Siemplify to:

  • Analyze the history, evolution and recent high-profile ransomware threats.
  • Share personal stories of responding to ransomware events while working as a security analyst.
  • Explore the entire ransomware incident lifecycle from preparation and identification to containment and eradication.
  • Provide tips you can immediately use for preparing for, uncovering, removing and recovering from ransomware.
  • Discuss how SOAR can successfully address a rapidly and laterally spreading threat like ransomware.


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