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The State of Remote Security Operations

When COVID-19 arrived to lay waste to our most cherished routines, the workplace setting became arguably the most glaring example of the new normal in which we found ourselves.

In a first-of-its-kind study, surveying nearly 400 SecOps professionals from around the world, The State of Remote Security Operations examines how the pandemic and resulting work-from-home protocols have impacted security analysts, engineers and others charged with threat detection and response efforts.

The findings document a mixed bag of realities and feelings affecting practitioners, covering everything from the tangible – alerts, threats, blind spots – to the more personal, including morale and workplace preferences. The report also reveals the opportunities that have emerged to help practitioners not only perform their jobs more efficiently and effectively, but to also ease the burden of a stress-filled profession.

Packed with meaningful statistics supported by reliable research, download The State of Remote Security Operations to discover:

  • How security postures have been affected by the work-from-home transition.
  • Frequency and types of threats in the COVID-19 era.
  • Common tasks that are most challenging to WFH analysts.
  • Ways teams are getting creative around hiring and retaining employees.
  • How the use of automation and managed security services providers is changing and freeing up security analysts to do more in the remote era.

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