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The Road to Security Operations Maturity: A Cyentia Institute Research Report

No business is immune from digital attacks, making the ability to detect and respond to cyber incidents more important than ever. And that’s where security operations come in to play. Because they are built around monitoring, analysis and triage, SecOps have become the centerpiece of an organization’s security program.

But they are not without their growing pains.

A new report from Cyentia Research and commissioned by Siemplify pulls back the curtain on the lesser known world of security operations, delving deep into the trenches to unearth exactly how teams like yours are moving forward in the face of the growing volume of  alerts, disparate tools and the well-pronounced security skills shortage.

The free report, which polled 267 security professionals, uncovers the latest trends and insights around SecOps, lending critical context on where these programs are finding gains – and experiencing setbacks.

Download it to uncover:

  • The common size, roles and functions of security operations programs.
  • Which works better: Tier- or team-based models?
  • How to assess your SecOps maturity and pave a path forward.
  • Recommendations for advancing your program amid current challenges.
The Road to Security Operations Maturity

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