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The Definitive Guide to Ransomware Response

Studies have shown that a majority of businesses lack confidence in their ability to recover following a ransomware incident. As such, when ransomware strikes – and it is striking more frequently than ever – the adage that every second counts is truer for this threat than arguably any other cyber risk, especially in the age of remote work and the expanded attack surface.

While history has clearly shown that ransomware is difficult to stop in its entirety, even on the most resilient networks, the impact can be controlled. The most glaring costs of a ransomware event – revenue loss, customer churn and reputation damage – can all be mitigated with a sound response plan.

And if the general premise of that plan is to respond faster, more efficiently and more effectively to ransomware, consider this a reference guide loaded with the tried-and-true tactics that will get you there. Written for security operations professionals by security operations professionals, and featuring the latest technical tidbits and industry resources for prevention, detection and remediation, this e-book is one guide you will want to keep close by.

What’s in the guide?

  • History of ransomware: Reflect on the evolution of this insidious threat to help you prepare for what today and the future holds.
  • Common vulnerabilities and infiltration methods: Consume the latest flaws being exploited to spread ransomware, and the pathways purveyors are leveraging to attack.
  • Preparation practices: Take in a refresher on running tabletop exercises and getting backups in order, and review the principles of early detection.
  • Crisis control: Learn the key points your communications template should include and explore free tools that can help mitigate an attack’s “blast radius.”
  • Primer on automation: Discover how SOAR is an ideal technology to address a rapidly and laterally spreading threat like ransomware.

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