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On-Demand Webinar

SOCstock Session | Ransomware Defense and Response

Presented by:

Gabriel Currie

Incident Management Lead
PwC UK Cyber Security

Will Oram

Remediation Lead
PwC UK Cyber Security

Human-operated ransomware attacks are one of the most serious cyber threats facing organizations today. Many organizations have been impacted, from local governments to global corporations. In the height of this global pandemic, not even the healthcare sector has been spared, with recent attacks on a major US hospital system and a health tech company.

In this type of attack, skilled cyber criminals gain access to organizations and deploy ransomware to maximum disruptive effect. The end goal is to extort a large ransom – in some cases in the tens of millions of dollars – in return for decrypting the victim’s systems and data. These criminals are hugely successful; the FBI estimates that one group alone has made over $61 million USD.

This talk, grounded in our real-world and hands-on experience, will walk through how organizations can effectively prevent and respond to this significant, and growing, threat.