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SOCstock Session 2021

ATTACK on C-Suite: Cheat Codes

Presented by:

Nicole Hoffman

Intelligence Analyst at GroupSense

The topic of cyber security can be difficult to discuss with the executive branch of an organization. Thus, the thought of presenting the MITRE ATT&CK framework to an executive let alone an entire C-Suite can be a daunting task. Fear not, for I have the cheat codes to make even a novice become triumphant in this endeavor!

If you are contemplating the idea of implementing ATT@CK, preparing a pitch to management, or are a cyber security consensus executive yourself, then grab your laptop and open that digital notepad because this talk is for you. Get ready and leave the technical jargon and confusing acronyms at the door. The key to successful dissemination is knowing your audience. Executives care about the 3 R’s: Risk, Revenue, and Regulation.

In this presentation, I will be giving (you) the audience members the necessary tips and insight needed when creating an ATT&CK implementation plan that targets executive management. These tips will cover all aspects that appeal to executive management such as: risk, revenue, impact, compliance and regulation.