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Live Workshops

Join our hands-on SOAR workshops and become a SOC Star!

School of SOC

School of SOC is in session!

We’re excited to invite you to get down and dirty with Siemplify, from the safety of your remote office.

Join us for a virtual morning of hands-on product play within your very own Community instance of the Siemplify platform. Hang with your peers and explore SOAR technology from Siemplify through a series of demos and guided use cases.

In this interactive workshop, you will:

  • Witness how your SOC can achieve maximum agility through Siemplify’s unique alert grouping, which allows for threat-centric case management.
  • Learn how to prioritize cyber threats based on impact and organizational risk.
  • Accelerate incident response and remediation through out-of-the-box integrations with leading infrastructure and security solutions.
  • Build playbook templates addressing the most common security threats.
  • Experience collaboration with stakeholders across the organization on critical incidents.

+++ When you complete the workshop, you will earn official Siemplify SOC Star status, which includes a slick swag reward.

Fill out the form to register for an upcoming workshop session: