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Running a SOC with Security Orchestration


Whether an enterprise SOC or an MSSP the challenges of too many alerts, disconnected tools and a shortage of analysts continue to plague security operations. Security automation and orchestration are increasingly used to enable analysts to triage the tsunami of alerts flooding the organization, provide context to accelerate investigation, and provide the playbooks and workflow to drive consistency and efficiency throughout security operations. See how Castle Ventures Corporation, a leading MSSP, successfully transformed its SOC by implementing security orchestration.

Presented By:
 – Arthur Hedge, CEO, Castle Ventures

– Amos Stern, CEO, Siemplify

In this webinar, you’ll learn:

  • How to drive efficiency and effectiveness across security operations.
  • The impact Security Orchestration & Automation can have on security operations.
  • Direct ROI from Security Orchestration on delivery of Managed Security Services.
  • What should security teams be looking for in Security Orchestration solution
Running a SOC with Security Orchestration

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