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Embracing the Journey of Security Operations Modernization Through Detection and Response

Close your eyes for a moment. Picture a SOC. Do you imagine a dark room full of people staring at screens featuring fancy dashboards?

Now open your eyes. Great, you’re back in reality, where SOC workforces are distributed and remote; siloes are gradually breaking down; and positive outcomes, driven by tactical use cases, are prioritized above all else.

Can you handle the truth? This LinkedIn Live will bring together the sultan of SecOps, Anton Chuvakin, and Jovan Scott, a longtime SOC leader, to discuss real-life stories of battling today’s adversaries from the trenches – and how the introduction of adaptiveness, agility and automation through Google Cloud security solutions can help transform your security operations, whether at an enterprise or MSSP.

In the modern SOC, all roads still lead to detection and response. But to manage threats in multi-cloud and hybrid environments, a renewed take on people, processes and technology is required to yield visibility, lightning-fast speed and clean signals.

You’ll walk away knowing more about:

  • How withstanding cyberattacks is achievable through a recalibrated SOC model that emphasizes creativity and organizational influence.
  • Tips for adapting use cases to cloud workloads, even as SOC teams are continually bogged down by proverbial firefighting.
  • The concept of shared fate (verus shared responsibility), in which cloud security providers and their clients collaborate toward a common goal.
  • How the Chronicle SIEM and Siemplify SOAR platforms pack a one-two punch designed to democratize the SOC and allow you to thrive in the “anywhere” era.
  • Plus a lively Q&A and so much more!

As the saying goes, success is a journey, not an event. Take a meaningful step toward modernizing your security operations by joining a fascinating conversation between the person who wrote the book on the SOC and one who lives its reality day in and day out.

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