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Investigating Phishing with SOAR

Phishing cases are notorious for consuming significant time due to the prep work they require, and their prolific nature is only continuing. The actual investigation of a suspected phishing attack is not all that difficult; however, all the upfront work makes them one of the least desirable cases for an analyst to find in their queue.

SOC managers are well aware of the disdain their teams feel for phishing investigations and are constantly seeking ways to relieve the burden these investigations put on their already overworked analysts.

Here is where security orchestration, automation and response (SOAR) solutions can make a difference in the SOC. With a properly implemented and configured playbook that automates the tedious tasks, analysts can get out of the business of scouring third-party threat intelligence feeds and digging through active directory records, in turn spending their time on core investigation activities.

In this short video, discover how the Siemplify Security Operations Platform addresses phishing investigations by streamlining the entire process, from preparation to response.