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Fuel Competitive Advantage with EDR and SOAR

The world of security operations often feels like it has spiraled out of control –  SOCs overwhelmed by an unprecedented number of alerts, staffing woes and inconsistent processes.


See how the broad security coverage provided by Carbon Black in concert with Siemplify’s unique, context-driven approach to security orchestration gives SOC teams like yours the heightened level of control needed to more effectively combat cyber threats and reach faster conclusions with less effort.

Presented By:

  • Chris Beringer, Senior Solutions Engineer, Carbon Black
  • Meny Har, VP Product, Siemplify

We’ll explore:

  • How to accelerate triage and analysis of alerts and cases through automated alert enrichment
  • The benefits of managing threat hunting, application control, anti-virus and EDR along with all your other security technologies from a single, intuitive security orchestration platform
  • Why running playbooks and automating threat response improves not just efficiency, but also effectiveness
  • The value of integrating advanced investigation/hunting capabilities into day-to-day SOC processes