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2020 SANS Automation and Integration Survey

Automation offers balance between machine-based analysis and domain-based knowledge to help security teams access more optimized workflows and yield greater results from security point solutions.

The SANS 2020 Automation and Integration Survey aims to quantify automation initiatives and more concretely explain how organizations are able to maximize their security investment and improve operations through these streamlining efforts.

The survey report explores which automation activities have been successful, why they found this success, and how organizations set up their automation activities to achieve meaningful results.

Download the latest research to discover why:

  • Adoption of automation solutions has experienced an 11.8% increase in the past year.
  • Organizations are placing higher emphasis on implementing projects that improve security operations, rather than deploying a singular product such as an IDS or firewall.
  • Only 5% of organizations expect automation to result in a staffing reduction.
2020 SANS Automation and Integration Survey

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