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Siemplify Product Overview

Siemplify is a security orchestration and automation platform designed for the analyst team to perform and automate the full spectrum of day-to-day operations from a single, holistic workbench. Used globally by leading enterprise security teams and MSSPs, Siemplify is the primary tool that analysts rely on to respond to threats across any environment.

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Siemplify MSSP Buyers Guide

MSSP security operations teams face unique challenges in addition to those that plague the average SOC. Siemplify's security orchestration and automation buyer's guide outlines the features and outcomes MSSPs should prioritize when considering a security orchestration solution.
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2017 Security Operations Challenges, Priorities and Strategies

New Siemplify research (commissioned in partnership with ESG), reveals the exact nature of 2017 Security Operations challenges and what security leaders plan to do about it! Download this ground-breaking research on the future of Security Operations and Incident Response to help clarify priorities, strategies, and tactics to advance security operations.

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Siemplify for Splunk

Siemplify for Splunk enables security teams to instantly upgrade the full scope of functionality, delivering immediate productivity and security gains. Fuse static log data with other security tools and data to create fully contextualized cases – driving significant ROI from legacy security investments.

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Choice Solutions MSSP Case Study

See how the Siemplify security orchestration and automation platform addresses challenges like talent shortages, ability to scale and alert overload for Choice Solutions, an MSSP with more than 300 customers.

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Castle Ventures Case Study

Explore how Siemplify's complete workbench, alert clustering and contextual grouping enabled MSSP Castle Ventures to identify and remediate a ransomware threat that other security tools missed.

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Horace Mann Case Study

Learn why Horace Mann Educators Corporation selected Siemplify to eliminate redundancies, improve compliance reporting and unify its network and security operations.

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Siemplify for MSSP’s

The challenges plaguing typical enterprise SOC teams are only compounded with Managed Security Service Providers. The MSSP space is intensely competitive, as a result they are pressured to drive productivity among their analyst teams while supporting a growing customer base with multiple SIEMS and disparate environments.

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2017 Playbooks Series

Acquire security orchestration and automation best practices, tried and tested by our global customer base. Developed by our in-house experts who provide guidance to security teams worldwide, these playbooks facilitate and integrate alerts handling and incident response plans. These are the earliest in a series that continues to grow over time.
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Siemplify & Arcsight Joint Solution Brief

Security orchestration bridges the gap between amount of security alerts and analyst capacity. Executed effectively, an orchestration plargorm creates the integrated fabric across the security footprint bringing simplicity, context, and efficiency throughout security operations and incident response.

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Siemplify & Symantec DeepSight Intelligence

Siemplify has partnered with Symantec to integrate DeepSight Threat Intelligence feeds into Siemplify’s security orchestration platform.  The integrated solution provides security analysts with contextualized and prioritized threat storylines that are automatically enriched with real-time threat intelligence, tightly integrated with the Siemplify comprehensive platform for management, automation and investigation. 
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Siemplify for Splunk


Siemplify for Financial Services


Executive Brief: Challenges Facing the Modern SOC


Intelligence-Driven Security Orchestration

Webinar in Partnership with Symantec

Security operations teams are modern-day detectives, combing through clues to thwart cyberthreats. But the volume of alerts, manual processes and multiple consoles often hinder teams from effectively discovering and responding to truly malicious activity. In this webinar we join forces with Symantec to explore how security orchestration and threat intelligence combine to improve incident response.
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Running a SOC with Security Orchestration

Whether an enterprise SOC or an MSSP the challenges of too many alerts, disconnected tools and a shortage of analysts continue to plague security operations. Security automation and orchestration are increasingly used to enable analysts to triage the tsunami of alerts flooding the organization, provide context to accelerate investigation, and provide the playbooks and workflow to drive consistency and efficiency throughout security operations.
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Security Automation Quick Wins

Security operations teams are embracing automation to combat alert overload and make the most of the security tools they have invested in. But the question we hear most often from companies we work with is - “where do I start?”. In this webinar we detail which processes are ripe for automation and gives practical examples for automating security operations processes around phishing, malware, DLP and account misuse
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Leveraging Security Orchestration & Automation to Improve Security Operations

Forrester's Joseph Blankenship and Siemplify's Amos Stern present research and best practices driving Security Operations and how Security Orchestration and Automation are shaping the SOC of the Future. We Explore how to drive efficiency and effectiveness across security operations. The impact Security Orchestration & Automation can have on security operations. Direct ROI from Security Orchestration on delivery of Managed Security Services. What should security teams be looking for in Security Orchestration solution.
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SOC of the Future -- How to Run an Effective SOC

The Security Operations Center (SOC) is the backbone of an effective cyber strategy. Running an effective SOC is way more than tuning a SIEM or hiring more analysts. The building blocks of a SOC require thoughtful convergence of people, process, and technology. Executed effectively, a SOC brings visibility, confidence and efficiency to security operations and incident response processes.
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Soc of the Future

Security Operations Challenges - Featuring New ESG Research

In early 2017 Siemplify embarked on research with 150 security leaders across industry groups to better understand these challenges and priorities to improve Security Operations. In this webcast we explore these findings, such as how orchestration is helping organizations respond to these challenges, and what are the critical capabilities (building blocks) of an effective orchestration platform.

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