Siemplify for Remote
Security Operations

Bring your remote team closer than ever

Welcome to the New Normal

Many security operations teams are adjusting to working remotely because of the COVID-19 pandemic. However, like many other aspects of work, the concept of “analysts huddled together in a dark SOC” will likely never return to its pre-pandemic state.

Discover how the Siemplify Security Operations Platform can help your organization master the new normal of remote security operations.

Collaborate from a Central Workbench

With security analysts unable to tap the shoulder of the analyst next to them to jointly address a potential threat, a central platform for successfully working together across remote locations becomes imperative. Siemplify’s built-in collaboration capabilities and unique interactive investigation canvas ensure analysts have access to the right data and context at their fingertips at all times from across the SOC.

Ensure Process Consistency and Quickly Build Playbooks for New Threats

With analysts working remotely, ensuring consistent, repeatable processes is critical. Moreover, security teams have to be more agile than ever when it comes to building and disseminating playbooks to address new threats (such as remote VPN access or COVID-19 specific phishing attacks). Siemplify customizable playbooks and ease of use ensure remote security teams respond with consistency and precision and can quickly adapt to the changing security landscape.

Track, Measure and Improve Operations

Monitoring efficiency and identifying bottlenecks becomes more difficult when security teams work remotely. By capturing all analyst activity in a single platform, advanced reporting and machine-learning-based recommendations from Siemplify provide SOC managers with complete visibility and control and help security teams improve with every analyst interaction.

Simplify Remote Work with Cloud Delivery

Remote access and collaboration is easy with Siemplify Cloud. With cloud-native delivery, your team can focus their time on responding to threats, not managing infrastructure.

See How Your Peers Are Remote SOCing

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