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Real-Time SOC Metrics and KPIs

Rise above the daily firefighting

Track KPIs to take Control of Your SOC

Siemplify acts as the SOC ledger, capturing all information and analyst activity from initial alert ingestion to investigation to case closure. Siemplify flexible dashboards provide visibility and valuable insights that enable security operations teams to rise above the daily firefighting and identify areas for improvement. From overcoming process bottlenecks to reducing time-consuming investigations, Siemplify lets you be in control of your SOC to improve productivity and efficiency.

Share Reports with All Stakeholders

From daily analyst activity to risk mitigation metrics like MTTD to ROI, Siemplify’s flexible reporting enables you to pull together the data you need to demonstrate the value of the SOC to both security and business stakeholders. An intuitive report builder allows you to customize templates, schedule reports and do much more.

Measure Your EVERYTHING with Business Intelligence

Take your analytics to the next level with the Siemplify business intelligence (BI) module, powered by Tableau. From historical data trends to complex multi-dimensional visualizations, Siemplify BI provides virtually limitless flexibility to harness the data captured by the Siemplify Security Operations Platform to generate fresh insights.

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