Siemplify, the leading innovator in security orchestration, automation and incident response today launched version 4.0 of its security orchestration and automation platform. Siemplify 4.0 has been completely re-engineered for cloud deployments, and includes countless innovations and enhancements that help drive security operations maturity and evolution.

The Siemplify platform provides a unifying foundation for orchestrating and managing security tools and processes across an organization’s entire environment. The result is more consistent, streamlined and effective security operations and incident response processes that dramatically reduce response times.

In its February 2018 report, Preparing Your Security Operations for Orchestration and Automation Tools,
Gartner states, “Instead of having analysts ‘context switching’ between their tools and SOAR, some
vendors offer a consolidated interface. This lets analysts see not only the content usually provided by
a SOAR tool, but also what is usually delivered by other tools, such as SIEM, EDR or NTA.”

New Siemplify 4.0 features include:

Cloud Readiness – completely re-engineered for the cloud, Siemplify can now be deployed in
any public or private cloud in addition to on-prem environments. A new web-based client
further raises the bar for user experience and interface design.

  • Enhanced Siemplify Marketplace – a newly designed marketplace now supports more than 80 standard playbooks and 180 security technologies that can be integrated with a single click.
  • Visual Investigation Customization – users can now customize Siemplify’s patented visual investigation graph to their specific use cases, based on context that is specific to their organization and threat landscape.
  • War Room for crisis management – an interactive war room provides instant visibility and collaboration between security operations teams and executive, legal, HR and other stakeholders to quickly respond to and effectively handle security incidents.
  • IDE for advanced customization – developers in need of advanced customization now have access to an integrated development environment (IDE) where they can write, test and simulate custom scripts to support integrations, playbooks and jobs.

“In an ever-changing threat landscape, security teams must maximize their efficiency and
effectiveness to protect their organization’s data wherever it resides,” said Amos Stern, co-founder
and chief executive officer, Siemplify. “Siemplify is committed to continuously adding more power to
SOC teams, enhancing their response and remediation capabilities regardless of the type of
environment they are responsible for protecting.”
Siemplify’s platform updates also address some of the unique challenges faced by managed security
services providers (MSSP), as many look to add new high-value response services.

New features for MSSPs include:

  • Remote command execution – use the Siemplify Publisher to run commands securely in
    client environments as part of incident remediation.
  • Finer granularity for multiple tenants – easily customize settings and permissions for
    individual clients based on their individual requirements.
  • Dynamic, customer-specific reporting – demonstrate value, deliver on SLAs and automate
    reports on a client-by-client basis.

“With Siemplify, we can confidently go to our customers with findings, which solidifies our position as their security company,” said Brad Horsley, chief technology officer, Choice Solutions. Built by analysts, for analysts, the Siemplify platform mirrors and strengthens the way security operations teams naturally work, eliminating alert fatigue, tripling analyst productivity and reducing mean time to respond by 70%.

About Siemplify
Siemplify provides a holistic security operations platform that empowers security analysts to work
smarter and respond faster. Siemplify uniquely combines security orchestration and automation
with patented contextual investigation and case management to deliver intuitive, consistent and
measurable security operations processes. Leading enterprises and MSSPs leverage Siemplify as
their SOC workbench, tripling analyst productivity by automating repetitive tasks and bringing
together disparate security technologies. Founded by Israeli Defense Forces security operations
experts, Siemplify is headquartered in New York with offices in Tel Aviv.