NEW YORK–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Siemplify™, the leader in Security Orchestration and Incident Response, announced today it has joined the HPE Security Technology Alliance Partner (TAP) Program, integrating its security orchestration and incident response capabilities with HPE Security ArcSight. This aims to provide security teams with the necessary platform and tools to effectively detect, triage and respond to threats, manage day to day alerts, and drive efficiency across their security operations.

The integration provides customers with visibility and incident response

Siemplify ThreatNexus arms security operations teams with the ability to leverage existing security solutions within a centralized workbench to manage, analyze, and drive consistency in response to threats — both manually and where automation is optimal. The integration of Siemplify ThreatNexus with HPE Security ArcSight provides customers with unprecedented visibility and incident response by enabling them to quickly navigate the threat lifecycle.

“We see rapidly growing demand for a comprehensive workbench to manage day to day security operations”, said Amos Stern, Co-Founder and CEO of Siemplify. “The integration with HPE Security ArcSight helps accelerate the evolution and integration of next generation security operations in the industry by improving the process of triaging alerts and reducing response time.”

Used by Enterprise and Managed Security Service Providers (MSSP) Security Operations teams, ThreatNexus enhances and improves processes, reducing triage alert volume by up to 80%, tripling analyst outcome and reducing incident response times up to 70%. Together, Siemplify and HPE Security ArcSight drive efficiency by delivering a pre-integrated solution that speeds up deployments and maximizes the effectiveness of security operations.

About Siemplify

Siemplify ThreatNexus is an integrated security orchestration platform designed for security teams to manage, investigate, and automate threat response from a single pane of glass. As the primary workbench for analysts, ThreatNexus provides the playbooks to drive consistency throughout the threat management process, delivering measurable ROI. Built atop a proprietary graph architecture leveraging patented cyber ontology, ThreatNexus provides the context necessary to understand the complete threat storyline. ThreatNexus is the comprehensive security orchestration platform to provide the full spectrum of case management, automation, and investigation giving analysts the ultimate balance in machine driven and analyst led response. For more information about Siemplify, please visit and follow @Siemplify, LinkedIn/Siemplify and Facebook/Siemplify.

Siemplify and ThreatNexus are trademarks of Cyarx Technologies Ltd.

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