NEW YORK–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Siemplify™, the leader in Security Orchestration, Security Automation, and Incident Response, today announced the roll out of a major product enhancement fulfilling the demands of the today’s security operations.

Siemplify ThreatNexus is the industry’s first security orchestration platform to automatically unify today’s disparate enterprise security tools, providing SOC teams with a comprehensive platform for security operations and incident response. Security operations are struggling under the weight of a barrage of alerts straining both infrastructure and personnel. With ThreatNexus as the nucleus of their threat management, Enterprise and MSSP security teams are finally armed with the tools necessary to connect the dots and respond to all types of threats.

“Security operations teams are engaged in a constant struggle to keep up with the volume of security alerts, maintain the right skills, and manage manual IR processes,” said Amos Stern, CEO and co-founder of Siemplify. “With ThreatNexus 2.0 we continue to define the category and give security leaders and teams the means to respond to today’s threats.”

Key ThreatNexus 2.0 capabilities and value:

  • ORCHESTRATION: Allows flexible creation of automated processes to replace cumbersome manual processes with machine speed response.
  • GRAPH VISUALIZATION: Unique graph view that provides an interactive canvas that displays the full threat data in one picture to allow for lightning speed investigation.
  • BUSINESS INTELLIGENCE: Provide total visibility to measure, report and manage SOC activity.
  • SMART-CONTEXT: Utilizes proprietary machine learning algorithms to group and contextualize security data and automates piecing together the full threat story.
  • TRIAGE: Instantly focus analysts on the most relevant data with a powerful prioritization engine that reduces alert assessment from hours to minutes.
  • FULL LIFECYCLE CASE MANAGEMENT: Drives efficiency and control across incident response from alert creation to case resolution.

Battle tested and in use with leading enterprise security teams and MSSP’s around the globe; ThreatNexus has become the foundation that drives security operations, fundamentally changing the way analysts work and delivering measurable ROI across current & future security investments.

About ThreatNexus

Siemplify ThreatNexus is an integrated security operations platform designed for the security team to manage, investigate, and automate threat response from a single pane of glass. Used globally by enterprise and MSSP security teams to power their SOC, Siemplify reduces alerts by 80%, triples analyst efficiency, and slashes response time from days to minutes. Built atop a proprietary graph architecture leveraging patented cyber ontology, ThreatNexus provides the context necessary to understand the complete threat storyline. ThreatNexus is the only comprehensive security operations platform to provide the full spectrum of case management, automation, and investigation giving analysts the ultimate balance in machine driven and analyst led response. For more information about Siemplify, please visit and follow @SiemplifyLinkedIn/Siemplify and Facebook/Siemplify.

Siemplify and ThreatNexus are trademarks of Cyarx Technologies Ltd.

With the launch of ThreatNexus 2.0, @Siemplify defines industry standard for #SecurityOrchestration and #Automation