NEW YORK–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Siemplify™, the leader in threat management and security orchestration today announced the extension of its ThreatNexus platform to the MSSP market.

The challenge of too many alerts, dependence on manual processes, and a shortage of analysts plaguing security operations are helping to drive robust growth in MSSP’s. Yet these challenges are being exacerbated with MSSP’s, leading to higher customer acquisition cost and lower margins. The MSSP market faces some unique challenges; the need to abstract different technology stacks across their client base into a common security orchestration framework, the need to drive efficiency and automation among their analyst team to maintaining profitability, and the need to standardize processes across diverse security teams and customer profiles.

Siemplify ThreatNexus MSSP Orchestration Platform addresses these challenges head on. ThreatNexus is the only solution designed to run a managed SOC, that combines case management, analytics and orchestration under one umbrella to fully unify different security solutions in the organization. This single pane of glass provides MSSP security teams with the needed situational awareness, standardized playbooks, case management workbench, flexible automation, and visibility to orchestrate threat management across their diverse customer base.

“As the MSSP market is seeing significant growth, our MSSP partners are looking to ThreatNexus as a catalyst,” says Amos Stern, Co-founder & CEO of Siemplify. “With ThreatNexus, MSSPs are able to scale efficiently and meet growing customer demands profitably.”

ThreatNexus delivers unique and lasting benefits to the MSSP bottom line

  • Reduce customer acquisition costs by abstracting the technology layer to onboard and support diverse technology stacks among customers
  • Increase analyst efficiency by utilizing a centralized management platform across customers with varying SIEMs and technology stacks
  • Drive immediate analyst ROI – significant performance boost among existing analysts, increase customer-to-analyst ratio, lower analyst learning curve and cost/time-to-value, lower analyst training and onboarding time
  • Provide MSSP leaders and customer with situational awareness through customizable dashboards and automated reporting
  • Offer industry leading SLAs by reducing time to insight and remediation of threats with orchestrated and automated security operations

Historically reliant on a patchwork of tools and homegrown solutions, MSSP’s recognize the need to rethink security operations. As Jon Oltsik of ESG recently shared, “the trend toward incident response automation and orchestration has gained tremendous momentum over the past 12 months. Furthermore, most enterprise organizations I speak with are now willing to abandon homegrown software efforts in favor of commercial tools.” MSSPs are actively leading this trend.

Launched in 2015 Siemplify’s ThreatNexus is in production and available globally. Siemplify is a privately held company headquartered in New York City with R&D in Israel.

About ThreatNexus

Siemplify ThreatNexus is an integrated security operations platform designed for the security team to manage, investigate, and automate threat response from a single pane of glass. Used globally by enterprise and MSSP security teams to power their SOC, Siemplify reduces alerts by 80%, triples analyst efficiency, and slashes response time from days to minutes. Built atop a proprietary graph architecture leveraging patented cyber ontology, ThreatNexus provides the context necessary to understand the complete threat storyline. ThreatNexus is the only comprehensive security operations platform to provide the full spectrum of case management, automation, and investigation giving analysts the ultimate balance in machine driven and analyst led response. For more information about Siemplify, please visit and follow @SiemplifyLinkedIn/Siemplify and Facebook/Siemplify.

Siemplify and ThreatNexus are trademarks of Cyarx Technologies Ltd.

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