Threat analysis

Siemplify Threat Analysis Platform

Key features: The Siemplify Threat Analysis Platform is a command-control hub for security operations, seamlessly integrating existing security tools. It automatically correlates security alerts, identifies/prioritizes threats, and visualizes the complete attack chain. More info.


Iinterset 4 FireEye

Interset 4 FireEye TAP Connector

Key features — Correlates high-risk inside threats detected and surfaced by Interset with perimeter threats uncovered by FireEye TAP using user and entity behavior analytics. More info.


Atlas 3.0

Atlas 3.0

Key features: Atlas 3.0 integrates with multiple test management platforms for strategically planning testing suites, defining test cases and executing quality management. This integration continuously aligns testing efforts with business user requirements.




Key features: Smart Alerts with Predictive Models feature identifies outlying employee populations based on pulse survey data and makes real-time predictions regarding how that group’s divergency will impact important business outcomes. More info.




Key features: Phantom is the only purpose-built security automation and orchestration platform, and the first to provide an open community for sharing Playbooks and Apps. Phantom makes security smarter, faster and stronger. More info.


Titus Illuminate

TITUS Illuminate

Key features: TITUS Illuminate is a data discovery and classification tool that examines and automatically classifies files discovered on premise and in cloud storage such as Box, Dropbox, OneDrive and SharePoint Online. More info.




Pricing: Clarizen comes in three editions: Professional, which costs $29.95 per user/month, Enterprise ($44.95 per user/month), and Unlimited ($54.95 per user/month).  

Key features: Clarizen Salesforce Edition’s key features entail project tracking, collaboration, case tracking, financial integration and dashboard reporting. The key features essentially increase visibility to improve processes and grow profit margins. More info.


Cloudian Hyperstore 1500

Cloudian HyperStore 1500 Appliance

Key features: HyperStore 1500 is a dense, highly scalable storage appliance that is fully integrated with 100% S3-compatible Cloudian HyperStore software. Start small and scale on demand: from 24TB to 100s of PB and/or multiple data centers. More info.


Anti fraud solution

IVR Anti- Fraud Solution

Key features:  IVR Anti-Fraud analyzes multiple layers of information to help identify suspicious callers for live agent calls in contact centers in the financial services, retail, insurance, and government industries. 


Server Visibility Module

AppDynamics’ Server Visibility Module

Key features: Isolates and resolves application performance issues caused by servers using one Unified Monitoring platform. Drills down to server metrics from the application flow map; sets custom health rules, policies and actions. More info.


Jenkins Platform - saas edition

CloudBees Jenkins Platform- Private SaaS Edition

Key features: The CloudBees Jenkins Platform- Private SaaS Edition, a new cloud-native offering, allows enterprises to accelerate application delivery by deploying shared Jenkins services to distributed teams. More info.


illusive 3.0 attacker view

illusive 3.0 with Attacker View

Key features: Cybersecurity deception technology pioneer enables IT professionals to view unseen attack paths used by cyber criminals before they strike. Illuminates connections, accessibility, privilege escalation options, hidden attack vectors to mitigate attackers’ lateral movements. More info.


Netskop active threat protection

Netskope Active Threat Protection

Key features: This is the first solution to offer enterprises a 360-degree view into all cloud app usage in an enterprise, whether sanctioned or unsanctioned, to protect employees from malware. More info.




Key features: IDdriven is an easy-to-implement and cost-effective IDaaS solution. It focuses on Access Governance and offers mature Role Based Access Control for enterprise applications. More info.


LookingGlass Netsentry

LookingGlass NetSentry

Key features: NetSentry is a high performance, enterprise-grade network intrusion detection system (NIDS) that processes up to 40Gbps of network traffic in a single appliance running multiple SNORT instances. More info.




Key features: ZENEDGE AI is a web application firewall combining machine learning algorithms with real-time big data analysis to dynamically and automatically update security postures to better protect web applications from vulnerabilities. More info.


Docker Datacenter

Docker Datacenter

Key features – Docker Datacenter (DDC) is an integrated platform for agile application development and management at any scale, comprised of Docker Universal Control Plane, Docker Trusted Registry and embedded support for Docker Engine. More info.


Threat Intelligence Suite

Threat Intelligence Suite

Key features: SurfWatch Labs Threat Intelligence Suite extends visibility for organization-wide security risks for more informed decision-making including: internal threat activity, relevant threats on the horizon and identified supply chain risks. More info.

Backup integration with AWS

CloudBerry Backup Integration with AWS Snowball

Key features: CloudBerry Backup Integration with AWS Snowball enables companies to quickly, easily and cost-effectively complete their initial data transfers when moving to a cloud-based backup model. More info.


BluVector 2.0

Key features: BluVector 2.0 is a next-generation machine-learning malware detection and cyber hunting solution. It now allows enterprises to train their BluVector appliance on their environment, through a new artificial intelligence capability. More info.




Pricing: First build, first pipeline free. Additional parallel builds $10 per instance, additional delivery pipelines $10 per 3 pipelines

Key features: The Shippable automated continuous delivery pipeline extends beyond Continuous Integration to manage the development cycle from code to container to customer. Service now available as SaaS on-prem or hybrid. More info.


xMatters integration Platform

xMatters Integration Platform

Pricing: xMatters offers a variety of engines and packages: begins at $16/user per month with the IT Management – Starter; $50/user per month for the IT Management – Base; $60/user per month for IT Management – Advanced

Key features: The xMatters Integration Platform operationalizes, contextualizes and automates communications within key legacy and DevOps processes to drive personalized communication at scale so individuals and teams can collaborate effectively and efficiently. More info.


Kinvey mBaaS

Kinvey Mobile Backend as a Service (mBaaS) Operational Intelligence

Key features: Operational Intelligence enables Level 1 and 2 IT support to quickly troubleshoot and fix problems and provides the tools to uncover potential security and compliance vulnerabilities associated with app usage. More info.


Dell Data Protection

Dell Data Protection | Rapid Recovery

Key features: Dell Data Protection | Rapid Recovery integrates proven and familiar features of AppAssure and other leading Dell IP to help eliminate downtime across physical, virtual and cloud environments. More info.



Dell DR Appliances

Dell DR series of deduplication appliances (DR4300e, DR4300 and DR6300)

Pricing: starts at $13,000 for the DR4300e, $43,000 for the DR4300, and $87,000 for the DR6300.

Key features: New Dell DR deduplication appliances deliver increased capacity, speed and performance to small, mid-market and enterprise organizations by enabling customers to backup more data and store less. More info.


Chime by Cafex

Chime by CaféX

Key features: Chime makes intuitive video collaboration available to all business users across all web browsers, as well as existing conferencing platforms and systems. More info.


Sencha Test

Sencha Test

Key features: Sencha Test is the only dedicated unit and end-to-end functional testing solution for Ext JS applications. The components work together seamlessly to provide a comprehensive and integrated test environment designed to test apps quickly and execute across multiple browsers simultaneously. More info.


Anomali Threat Analysis

Anomali Threat Analysis Reports Service

Key features: Anomali collects potential indicators of compromise from customer log data and finds matches in Anomali’s vast library of active IoCs. Matches are returned to customers as a threat analysis report. More info.


E8 security Behavioral intelligence platform

E8 Security Behavioral Intelligence Platform

Key features: Protects against unseen threats already inside the enterprise. New features include interactive visualization and expanded endpoint behavior analytics capabilities that allow analysts to get to solutions quicker. More info.


Appgate XDP

AppGate XDP 2.0

Key features: AppGate XDP 2.0 delivers linear scalability for network access, with a patent-pending approach that combines scalability with high-availability. Now enterprises can achieve the dynamic, user-centric network security they want, while obtaining the reliability and performance they need. More info.


Fraud Prevention Solution

DetectID Fraud Prevention Solution

Key features: Easy Solutions adds biometric authentication to DetectID, its multi-channel authentication framework that balances user-friendly convenience with a strong anti-fraud defense system. More info.


Pulse connect secure

Pulse Connect Secure 8.2

Key features: A mobile VPN enabling secure access from any device. New features include clientless HTML5 based access to RDP, Telnet and SSH, and broad user interface improvements and additional functionality. More info.


Pulse policy secure

Pulse Policy Secure 5.3

Key features: A NAC solution for the next generation of networks. New features include Palo Alto Networks firewall integration and a streamlined guest access registration portal to eliminate help desk environments. More info.


Avaya SDN healthcare

Avaya SDN Fx Healthcare

Key Features: SDN Fx Healthcare enables the IoT for Healthcare by creating virtualized network segments that help isolate users and devices from unauthorized access; and simplifying inventory management, device onboarding, and network flow. More info.


Pulse Workspace 1.5

Pulse Workspace 1.5

Key features: Offers workers access to corporate mobile apps and services without infringing on their privacy, while maintaining corporate compliance. New features include broad improvements for iOS and Android support. More info.


Cloudbeam - Google cloud

Attunity CloudBeam for Google Cloud Dataproc

Key features: Attunity CloudBeam for Google Cloud Dataproc helps users accelerate Big Data loading from on-premise data centers and the cloud into Spark and Hadoop on Cloud Platform.


Extrahop healthcare

ExtraHop Healthcare Analytics Bundle

Key features: ExtraHop’s healthcare analytics bundle delivers real-time stream analytics for healthcare, empowering IT to fix underperforming applications, optimize systems to align with clinical workflows, and help transform hospital operations to improve patient care. More info.


Enterprise random password manager

Enterprise Random Password Manager (ERPM)

Key features: ERPM protects sensitive IT assets in large cloud environments, and is the first solution for managing and securing privileged identities on Amazon Web Services, Microsoft Azure Active Directory, IBM SoftLayer, Rackspace Public Cloud and Force.comMore info.


Stealthintercept v3.4

STEALTHbits StealthINTERCEPT v3.4 SP1 Crypto Ransomware Detection

Key features: Detects and alerts IT to file activities indicative of Crypto Ransomware. StealthINTERCEPT v3.4 Crypto Ransomware Detection spots various attack-in-progress behaviors, such as an account modifying unusual numbers of files. More info.


Bugfraud web defense

bugFraud Web Defense

Key features – bugFraud Defense provides pre-, post-, and real-time login protection from hijacked sessions due to MITB or MITM attacks; host- and cloud-based, no software install required to protect end users. More info.