Siemplift real time

Using tech developed in military intelligence, the Israeli startup is bursting onto the scene with a real time, graphic display of cyber threats attacking business information systems

Siemplify running cybersecurity trials with several fortune 50 companies

Israeli startup Siemplify, which is applying military intelligence tech to enterprise security software, is making its debut in a big way by announcing they have already raised $4 million and are already running cybersecurity trials with several Fortune 50 companies and Israeli banks and telecoms.

Investors include CEO Moti Gutman of Matrix, Exec VP Tom Kilroy of Intel, President Alex Pinchev at Rackspace, David Strohm of Greylock Partners, Alex Daly and 83North Venture Capital. Siemplify is also a product of the fifth batch at the Microsoft Ventures Accelerator in Tel Aviv.

Their eponymous Siemplify Threat Analysis Platform touts to graphically display a “complete threat chain” with alerts and automatically display which threats or incidents are more vital to preserving your system’s security. It apparently integrates with use of popular risk management tool Splunk. Its graph-based risk assessments are shown in real time.

“Siemplify has been a game changer for us,” said Chief Information and Security Officer Arieh Shalem at Partner Israel. “Analyzing and prioritizing tens of thousands of security alerts has been very time consuming. Investigations have been compromised by limited visibility and inadequate tools. Siemplify connects the dots in real time, allowing us to shorten the period of time from detection to mitigation from weeks to minutes.”

Siemplify was founded by CEO Amos Stern, VPRD Alon Cohen and Chief Research Officer Garry Fatakhov. Stern and Cohen are both veterans of Israel’s intelligence services and have worked together at Elbit Systems’ Cyber & Intelligence Division. Stern specifically worked in the IDF’s Cyber Security Department. Fatakhov has a background in data mining, machine learning and directs Siemplify’s algorithmic research with experience in crime prediction algorithms.

Siemplify platform

Screenshot of the Siemplify platform

“It integrates and unifies information in real time from throughout the security infrastructure, and its powerful analytics and visualization tools enable analysts to assess the situation and respond more effectively than ever before,” said early investor and board member Alex Pinchev, president of global sales and marketing at Rackspace. “It’s a complete empowerment play for every CISO, security manager and security analyst out there.”