Siemplify & SentinelOne


The right combination of EDR and SOAR is a dynamic duo for inundated security teams. For this reason Siemplify integrates your SentinelOne telemetry with metadata from your other tools to efficiently manage cases and automate SentinelOne remediation actions.

Siemplify’s intelligent case management groups alerts from your stack of tools to integrate the who, what, when, and where of a suspicious endpoint activity without having to pivot between screens. Playbooks are configured to trigger automatic responses to your most common SentinelOne alerts at machine speed.

  • Slash investigation time and effort by running playbooks that automate data collection using SentinelOne Deep Visibility telemetry
  • Automate Response by leveraging the SentinelOne API for remediation actions such as isolating hosts or killing processes
  • Unify Case Management by ingesting SentinelOne alerts directly or via SIEM into the Siemplify Security Operations Platform

Experience Siemplify & SentinelOne Together

The SentinelOne integration is available to all of our users. Siemplify offers both a community edition and a Cloud trial that comes preloaded with a common SentineOne use case. Integrating SentinelOne’s Endpoint Protection Platform within Siemplify is as simple as installing one of the use cases or downloading the marketplace connector and entering in your SentinelOne API credentials. Get started for free below.

Use Cases

Fileless Malware

Memory-only malware, no-disk-based indicators

Document Exploits

Exploits rooted in Office documents, Adobe files, macros, spear phishing emails

Browser Exploits

Drive-by downloads, Flash, Java, Javascript, VBS, IFrame/HTML5, plug-ins

SentinelOne Integrated Tools


Endpoint Security