SOAR + Risk Intelligence

Automate investigation and response when your credentials are compromised.

The threat intelligence experts and technologies at Flashpoint are continuously monitoring all possible illicit channels to see if your credentials are compromised. By plugging the Flashpoint API into Siemplify’s Security Operations Platform, you can create an automated detection and response cycle, helping your analysts get way ahead of response measures to both true- and false-positive alerts.

Siemplify’s cloud-native Security Operations Platform also groups Flashpoint alerts with alerts from your other tools, to create threat-centric cases that your analysts can investigate. Playbook-driven responses reduce analyst time and effort spent on manual activities for faster and more effective investigation and response.

  • Slash Investigation Time and Effort Run playbooks that automate data collection using Flashpoint inputs to limit the amount of time spent manually cross-referencing information before making decisions.
  • Automate Response Integrate Flashpoint data with your other tools for remediation actions such as resetting accounts, isolating hosts or killing processes, without having to pivot between systems.
  • Unify Case Management Ingest Flashpoint data directly or via SIEM into the Siemplify Security Operations Platform. Siemplify’s patented threat-centric technology automatically groups related alerts into threat-centric cases.

Experience Siemplify & Flashpoint Together

The Flashpoint integration is available to all of our users. Siemplify offers both a free Community Edition with access to the Flashpoint integration and use cases. Integrating Flashpoint within Siemplify is as simple as installing one of the use cases or downloading the marketplace connector and entering in your Flashpoint API credentials. Get started for free below.

Use Cases

Compromised Credentials

Enrich alerts using Flashpoint products and datasets such as Compromised Credentials Monitoring - Enterprise (CCM - E) and technical data.

Technical Indicators

Enables user access to indicators of compromise (IOCs) and technical data across Flashpoint datasets and those included in Finished Intelligence Reports, allowing for seamless integration into users’ workflows and automated tools.


Access to the latest CVEs within Flashpoint collection, including access to MITRE and NVD data, as well as CVEs discussed by threat actors as observed by Flashpoint Intelligence Analysts.