Combining EDR and SOAR enables security teams to better manage alerts and reduce manual workload. With Siemplify and CrowdStrike you can ingest endpoint related alerts, automate data collection to speed up investigation and orchestrate response across all the endpoints – all within one interface.

Siemplify pulls in CrowdStrike Falcon® events along with metadata from your other tools to efficiently manage cases and automate CrowdStrike remediation actions. Siemplify’s intelligent case management groups alerts from your stack of tools to integrate the who, what, when, and where of a suspicious endpoint activity without having to pivot between screens.

  • Slash investigation time and effort
    Execute playbooks that automate data collection using CrowdStrike Falcon telemetry to limit the amount of time spent manually cross-referencing information.
  • Remediate Threats with a Few Clicks
    Leverage the CrowdStrike API for remediation actions such as isolating hosts or killing processes, without having to pivot between systems.
  • Unify Case Management
    Ingest CrowdStrike’s alerts directly or via SIEM into the Siemplify Security Operations Platform. Siemplify’s patented threat-centric technology automatically groups related alerts into threat-centric cases.

Experience Siemplify & CrowdStrike Together

The CrowdStrike integration and malicious executable remediation use case are available to all of our users – so you can hit the ground running. The free Siemplify Community Edition also offers access to the CrowdStrike integration. Integrating CrowdStrike within Siemplify is as simple as installing the use case or downloading the marketplace connector and entering in your CrowdStrike API credentials. Get started for free below.

Existing CrowdStrike customers can now access the free Siemplify trial via the CrowdStrike Platform Store within your Falcon instance. Just search for “Siemplify” and click on free trial.

Use Cases


Automatically enrich alerts with data about impacted assets and initiate response actions


Enable playbook creation that incorporates rich endpoint data into your case insights

Threat Hunting

Automatically perform targeted hunting

CrowdStrike Integrated Tools

CrowdStrike Falcon

Endpoint Security