Siemplify Security Operations Platform for MSSPs

Re-envision Managed Security Operations

Deliver high-value security services with fewer resources. Improve margins. Keep customers delighted.

Differentiate in a competitive MSSP market

Stand out from the crowd with specialized offerings, branded portals, customizable business intelligence and dashboards, playbook library, and superior time-to-value.

Reach new markets

Grow revenue by creating new services and business models for untapped markets and heterogeneous customer maturity levels and technology stacks.

Improve customer retention

Keep customers coming back for more with proprietary playbooks, expanded visibility and transparency, improved collaboration and new offerings.

"With Siemplify, we can see everything that is going on and communicate more effectively with our clients.”

Glen Combs
Crowe Global
Your Complete Security Operations Workbench

Flexible integrations that work with customers’ existing ecosystems

Leverage pre-built integrations to easily orchestrate hundreds of tools your customers have invested in without overextending your staff.

Custom, automated process workflows

Create proprietary playbooks that are specific to your customers’ organizations. Automate everything from case enrichment to response without requiring experts on staff to support everything.

Operationalized threat intelligence

Leverage SOAR plus integrated threat intelligence to mature customers from a detection to a prevention model. Kill more false positives. Validate intelligence.

Collaboration and information sharing

Provide customers with 24×7 visibility into status and enable decision-making at strategic points over the course of an investigation. Easily collaborate with your analysts on any case.

A deeper level of security incident response

Coordinate response to a crisis across the customers’ organization. Enable collaboration with stakeholders outside of the security team (legal, PR, senior executives).

Insights into security operations

Automate delivery of full-fledged business intelligence reporting and insights to your customers. Provide real-time SOC metrics and KPIs that are specific to their needs.

Purpose-Built for MSSPs

Full Multi-Tenancy

Keep full data separation between tenants, across every module in the platform

No VPN Required

Lightweight, fully-managed remote agents offer connectivity to collect data and initiate response actions.

Flexible Delivery Models

Seamless support for any combination of models.

MSSP-Grade Scalability

Scale data ingestion and playbooks with a SaaS instance designed for MSSP growth.

"Siemplify allows our analysts to shorten their learning curve and connect the dots faster with answers from multiple data sources”

Eric Taylor
CTO Cyber Security Norh America

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