Siemplify for MSSPs

Get Ready for Your Business to SOAR

With more focus on service providers than any other SOAR provider, the Siemplify Security Operations Platform provides everything you need to deliver high-value security services at scale while keeping your customers delighted and your margins healthy.

Increase Margins in a Competitive Landscape

In today’s competitive MSSP landscape, operating at peak efficiency is no longer optional. The Siemplify platform’s automated playbooks, robust case management and interactive investigation help you automate level-one tasks and accelerate level-two and three tasks – allowing you to eliminate manual, repetitive work and focus your hard-to-find talent on higher-value activities.

Siemplify not only acts as a force multiplier with savings that go directly to your bottom line, eliminating mundane tasks increases analyst satisfaction and well-being which further helps reduce analyst churn and training costs.

Drive Revenue Growth With New Services and Markets

The Siemplify SOAR platform was designed to drastically shorten the time required to develop new, differentiated security services and take them to market. Transitioning from commoditized services such as security monitoring to high-margin services such as managed detection and response (MDR) could not be simpler with Siemplify.

Siemplify’s built-in integrations to over 200 security tools remove the need to employ experts on every technology, enabling service providers to provide enhanced services to existing customers and open up new markets and revenue streams.

"Siemplify allows our analysts to shorten their learning curve and connect the dots faster with answers from multiple data sources."

Eric Taylor, CTO Americas

Offer a Differentiated Customer Experience and Increase Stickiness

Today’s dynamic security services market means customers are more demanding than ever. Poor user experience and lack of transparency into managed operations can quickly send churn rates through the roof. Siemplify is the only security operations platform built with your customers’ experience in mind, empowering you to collaborate with them, provide full visibility into managed operations and easily demonstrate the value you provide. To further increase customer stickiness, MSSPs can build custom playbooks that serve as intellectual property and demonstrate their unique expertise.

Embark on Your Journey with a True Partner That Understands Your Business

For service providers, SOAR is much more than another security tool. To achieve the transformational business impact that SOAR can deliver, you need a partner that understands your business and can partner with from service design through go-to-market and delivery.

The Siemplify MSSP partner program was designed with the understanding that MSSPs are partners, not customers. From co-sell opportunities to tailored licensing and best-practices consulting, you will embark on your journey with a partner that truly understands what you need to be successful.

"With Siemplify, we can see everything that is going on and communicate more effectively with our clients."

Glen Combs, Security Consulting Partner

A Security Operations Platform Purpose
Built for MSSPs

Full Multi-Tenancy

The most complete multi-tenancy on the
market – permissions, SLAs, playbook
management and much more.

Remote Agent

Lightweight, fully-managed remote
connectivity to collect data and initiate
response actions without the need for a VPN.

Business Intelligence

Full-fledged BI to deliver all the reporting
and insights your customers demand.


Up to 50K alerts per day with a single instance, with additional support for high availability/disaster recovery (HA/DR).

Support for Any
Service Model

Seamlessly support any combination of manage /co-managed/on-prem SIEM.

Customer Portal

Customer-level access to view live dashboards specific to their environment.

Trusted by Service Providers of All Sizes

From global MSSPs to regional MDRs and everyone in between, Siemplify transforms security operations for the world's best service providers.

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