Extract security operations insights with prebuilt reports and dashboards.
Performance Analysis - Analysts Workload
This report provides a clear view of your SOC’s workload via alerts and events distributions, open vs closed cases trends, alert grouping performance over time, and false positive trends.
By Siemplify
Performance Analysis - Handling times
This report presents the mean time to detect and resolve metrics for alerts and cases, on multiple cohorts such as teams, alert types and stages, and provides visibility to your SOC performance.
By Siemplify
Playbook Analysis
This report provides metrics for automation performance and helps you understand how automation improves your SOC performance and reduces handling times.
By Siemplify
Security Posture and Sensors Performance
This report provides clear visibility to threat status and trends over time. It also provides insight to sensors' performance trends and false positive metrics, thereby providing actionable insights for sensors' tuning and improvement.
By Siemplify