Siemplify Security Operations
Platform Case Management

Accelerate your investigation and response

Ingest, prioritize, assign and investigate security alerts from all your detection tools with case management that is purpose-built for security operations.

Cut workload in half with alert grouping

Automatically group contextually related alerts into a single threat-centric case, enabling a single analyst to efficiently investigate and respond to a threat.

Address critical cases first

Automatically and continuously analyze your case queue to identify and prioritize critical cases that resemble ones historically deemed malicious.

Know which analyst to assign

Receive analyst case assignment recommendations based on work on similar cases, past performance and skill sets.

Easily collaborate on every case

Tag colleagues, assign tasks, and monitor progress of a case directly from the case wall to ensure every case is fully addressed and nothing falls through the cracks.

Sync with your ticketing solution

Integrate with any “master” ticketing solutions to assign work to departments outside of the SOC and full bi-directional, continuous synchronization.

Coordinate your efforts

Prioritize which alerts every member of your team is working on to avoid duplicated/redundant efforts and time spent chasing false positives.

See the data that matters to you

Configure playbooks to create custom case views that present clear and relevant information to analysts based on interest and need.

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