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Intelligent Case Management

Purpose-built for security operations

Threat-Centric Cases
Automatically Group Related Alerts

Siemplify changes the investigation paradigm by focusing on threats, not alerts. Using patented technology, Siemplify continuously analyzes alerts from all sources, identifying common entities indicative of a coordinated attack. When found, Siemplify automatically combines contextually related alerts into a single case.

The result: Reduce caseload up to 80%, where analysts work only threat-based investigations, speeding time to resolution and driving never-before-seen productivity.

Continuous Case Prioritization

Siemplify continuously analyzes and prioritizes your case queue to ensure analysts address critical cases first. Using machine learning, Siemplify assigns higher priority to cases that resemble ones historically deemed malicious.

Case Assignment Recommendations

Assigning the best suited analyst to a case can make a world of a difference. Siemplify makes this decision easier by combining machine learning and previous analyst performance to make instant case assignment recommendations. We then adjust these assignment recommendations as your team’s skills grow, ensuring cases are worked by the best-suited analyst.

Integration with Third-Party
Case Management Tools

Siemplify’s integrations and playbooks make for easy integration with third-party ticketing systems. Integration levels can range from simple ticket creation when assigning work to departments outside the SOC, to full bi-directional, continuous synchronization with your master ticketing solution of choice.

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