Your SOC capabilities and more. Siemplify Plugins framework makes your tools accessible and easy to integrate into incident response workflows and automations.

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Active Directory Investigate phishining mail from exchange server
Domain Tools Check Domain Profile
McAfee Investigate Events
alexa Get URL Information
Domain Tools Get domain risk score
Siemplify Notify User
Exchange Create cases
ServiceNow Create Ticket \ Create Incident
McAfee Investigate events
McAfee Find Blocked IPs
Phish Me Get URL informaion
Qradar Investigate
REST Api Create case
Soltra Investigate
Splunk Prepare executive summary
Arc Sight Get Cases
Mail Create Case From Sandbox
jira.png Get Cases
jira.png Investigate Suspicious Email
jira.png Get Cases
jira.png REST Data Source
Splunk Correlation Engine
Syslong Data Source
Active Directory Get User Data
Alien Vault Threat Intel Reports
ClearSky Threat Intel Reports
CarbonBlack Find Running Processes
CarbonBlack Which Process Runs The Hash
Iron Port Find All Recipients
Kaspersky Threat Intel Reports
MalwareDomainList Latest Malware Reports
Nessus IP\Host Vulnerability Reports
jira.png IP\Host Scanning
STIX Parse Threat Intel Reports
Symantec Threat Intel Reports
ThreatConnect Run Scan
ThreatQ Threat Intelligence
Tor Tor Network IPs
VirusTotal Scan IP \ Host
Web Sense Who Clicked On URL
Web Sense Find URLs Clicked By User
jira.png Create Ticket
CarbonBlack Kill Process
Siemplify Send Report
Siemplify Prepare Executive Summary
Siemplify Sound Alarm
Siemplify Prioritize Cases
Splunk Submit Event
Arcsight Investigate Events
BlueCoat Investigate
jira.png Create Ticket
CheckPoint Investigate
Qualys IP\Host Vulnerability Reports
Qualys IP\Host Scanning
CounterTack Investigate Behaviors
CarbonBlack Find Connections
FireEye Investigate
ForeScout Investigate
Google Chrome Browse Pages
QRadar Investigate Events
Siemplify Check Suspicious Users
jira.png Create Ticket
Siemplify Check Suspicious Hosts\IPs
Soltra Investigate
SourceFire Investigate
Splunk Investigate Events
Splunk Run Query
Tanium Investigate
Jira Create Ticket
Jira Wait For Ticket Resolve
Python Run Scripts
Python Fork Workflow By Script Result
Active Directory Disable Account
Active Directory Enable Account
Active Directory Force Password Update
Active Directory Release Locked Account
Iron Port Blacklist Email Sender
McAfee Block IP
jira.png Create Ticket
McAfee Release Blocked IP
Microsoft Exchange Delete Emails
WebSense Add To Blacklist
WhoIs Get IP Report
jira.png Create Ticket
XForce Scan IP \ Host
jira.png Create Ticket
Twilio Send SMS
Twilio Fork Workflow By User Response
Siemplify Test Condition
jira.png Create Ticket
Siemplify Instruct Analysts
Siemplify Raise Incident
Siemplify Escalate
Siemplify Tag Case \ Incident
Siemplify Attach Workflow
Siemplify Find Similar Cases
Splunk Get Cases
Forcepoint AP-Data DLP (AP-Data) - Enforce Policy
Proxy (AP-Web) - Investigate Events Proxy (AP-Web) - Investigate Events
SVIT (Sure View Insider Threat) - Investigate Events SVIT (Sure View Insider Threat) - Investigate Events
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